Fifth International Conference of Natural Sciences (ICNS2020)- Mathematics & Computer

20th December 2020

The ICNS2020 Message
ICNS 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 were four significant scientific events in the field of Natural Sciences, which built a platform and brought speakers and poster presenters from various scientific disciplines together, to exchange and share their scientific achievements and ideas. The participation of innovative and expert keynote speakers and presenters, the well-organized tasks among the committee members, the well marketing and public relations, and the excellent and attractive place of the conference all made ICNS 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 four successful events, both logistically and scientifically. Following this success, we are delighted to bring you our ICNS 2020 on 8th August at Cihan University, 46001 Sulaimani, KRG, Iraq.

About ICNS2020 
ICNS invites researchers to attend its Fifth International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science which will be held at Cihan University in Sulaimani, on 20th December 2020 with the theme of the Fifth International Conference of Natural Sciences. 

Aims ICNS2020 
ICNS aims to provide a forum to bring academic experts and young researchers within the fields of Mathematics and Computer Science together to present and discuss their recent achievements as well as today’s up-to-date innovations. Accordingly, ICNS’s objective is to aggregate researchers, academics and specialists from different scientific fields and specific related areas to build a joint platform to share as well as exchange information on recent progress in the fields of science and technology and opening up new avenues for further research in those respective areas.Therefore, if you have new ideas and trendy achievements and wish to share them, ICNS offers you the right platform to do so!

Disciplines ICNS2020
ICNS’s main research interests consist of but are not limited to: 
• Pure & Applied Mathematics 
• Computer Science 

Important Dates ICNS2020 
• Abstract Submission before September 25, 2020. 
• Full Paper Submission before October 25, 2020. 
• Camera Ready Paper Submission November 25, 2018. 

ICNS2020 Committees 
• Chairman Assoc. 
– Prof. Dr. Ali Wahab Kareem Sangawi 

• Scientific Committee 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nzar Abdulqader Ali 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amjad Alipanah 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hardi Ali Sharif 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamaran Hama Ali A. Faraj 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shahram Saeidi 
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jumah Aswad Zarnan 
– Dr. Waleed Khalid Mohamed 
– Dr. Kazi Saleh 
– Zrar Khald Abdul 
– Chnoor Maheadeen Rahman

Paper Submission
Steps for paper submission ICNS2020: 

1. Your manuscript should be in a paper format and submitted by email to: icns2020mc@ charmouniversity.org. 
2. Following an emailed acceptance notification from the conference committee, please resubmit a camera-ready paper 
3. Once you receive a confirmation letter of acceptance from the conference committee, please register officially and pay the registration fees so that your paper can be published in the conference proceedings.

Prospective researchers (authors) are kindly invited to submit full papers including tables, figures, results and a list of references. Full papers will be accepted through the email address: 

All submitted papers should be original research findings whether experimental or theoretical, and previously unpublished. Papers submitted to the conference should meet the specified criteria and should not be published elsewhere. Further to this, submitted manuscripts should follow the conference style and format subject to reviewing and editing. All the manuscripts should follow the conference style subject to both reviewing and editing. The conference style template can be downloaded from 

Thanks for your interest in ICNS2020

Participants submitting papers for presentation should officially register for the conference and pay the required fees so their papers appear in the conference proceedings. A confirmation letter of acceptance and presentation certificate will be given during the closing ceremony. For general enquiries please contact: 
Dr. Kazi Saleh Email: icns2020mc@charmouniversity.org

You will receive a notification letter one week after you submit your paper. If you didnt receive the email, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Kazi Saleh, the conference coordinator through: icns2020mc@charmouniversity.org 

Registration fees 
Participant Category      Early Registration      Late Registration 
Professional Authors     20 USD                      25 USD 
Students                       15 USD                       20 USD 
Additional Paper                                      20 USD 
Listener                                                    20 USD

Organized by
College of Medical and Applied Sciences, Charmo University, 46023 Chamchamal, Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq 

Faculty of Science, Cihan University/Sulaimani, 46001 Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq 

Faculty of Basic Science and Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, I. R. Iran