3rd International Conference of Natural Sciences (ICNS2018)-Mathematics & Computer

        ICNS 2016 and 2017 were two significant scientific events in the field of Natural Sciences, which built a platform and brought speakers and poster presenters from various scientific disciplines together, to exchange and share their scientific achievements and ideas. The participation of innovative and expert keynote speakers and presenters, the well-organized tasks among the committee members, the well marketing and public relations, and the excellent and attractive place of the conference all made ICNS 2016 and 2017 two successful events, both logistically and scientifically. While the ICNS 2016 and 2017 addressed Biology, Geosciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer, ICNS 2018 branches out to four separate conferences in Biotechnology, Chemistry & Geosciences, Mathematics & Computer, and Renewable Energy &Waste Energy. Following the success of ICNS2016 and ICNS2017, we are delighted to bring you our ICNS 2018 on 19th July in Ramada Hotel, Salim Street, 46001 Sulaimani, KRG, Iraq.

All the manuscripts should follow the conference style subject to both reviewing and editing. The conference style template can be downloaded from here.


Participants submitting papers for presentation should officially register for the conference and pay the required fees so their papers appear in the conference proceedings. A confirmation letter of acceptance and presentation certificate will be given during the closing ceremony.

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